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Himalayan Flavors - Sample Menu

All main dishes will be served with complimentary lentil soup, and your choice of brown or basmati rice or add 1.00 per dish to substitute with plain naan. 


1. Himalayan Salad 5.50
Cucumber, tomatoes, carrots & mixed greens with homemade dressing

2. Vegetable Momo (8pcs) 7.95
Steamed dumplings filled with ground chicken, chopped onion, garlic, ginger, cilantro, soy sauce, olive oil, herbs and spices. Served with tomato chutney, szechwan pepper flavors

3. Chicken Momo (8pcs) 8.95
Steamed dumplings filled with ground chicken, chopped onion, garlic, ginger, cilantro, soy sauce, olive oil, herbs and spices. Served with tomato chutney; szechwan pepper flavors

4. Lamb Momo (8pcs) 8.95
Steamed dumplings filled with minced lamb, onion, garlic, ginger, and cilantro. Served with tomato chutney

5. Mixed Momo (9pcs) 8.95
Sampler of 3 pieces of chicken, lamp, and vegetarian. Momo, served with tomato chutney

6. Papad 2.95
Baked crispy thin lentil wafers also known as papadum, made of fragrant spiced lentil flour

7. Vegetable Pakora 3.50
Mixed vegetable fritters battered with chick pea flour & golden fried. Served with mint sauce

8. Spinach Samosa 3.50
Crisp patties stuffed with chopped spinach, potatoes & himalayan spices. Served with tarmarind chutney

9. Chhoila - Chicken and Lamb 7.95
Overnight marinated pieces of chicken or lamb grilled in tandoor oven then mixed with onion, bell pepper, herbs and spices with lemon juice


10. Himalayan Yogi Tarkari 9.95
Assorted mixed vegetables cooked in onion and tomato based himalayan flavors sauce

11. Cauli Matar Ko Tarkari 9.95
Green snow peas, cauliflower and potato sauteed with garlic and cooked with onion and tomato sauce

12. Tofu Saag 9.95
Pan fried tofu sauteed with fresh spinach and spices from the himalayas

13. Chana Masala 9.95
Garbanzo beans cooked with special herbs and spices in himalayan flavors gravy

14. Chyau Bhanta 9.95
Fresh mushrooms and eggplants sauteed with ginger and garlic. Cooked with onion and tomato sauce

15. Bhindi Tarkari 9.95
Cut okra and strips of onion, sauteed with special herbs and spices

Nepali style noodles tossed with seasonal stir fried vegetables

16. Vegetable Chowmein 7.95
17. Chicken Chowmein 8.95
18. Lamb Chowmein 9.25

Szechwan pepper flavors Nepalese-Tibetan noodle soup tossed with vegetables 

19. Vegetable Thukpa 6.95
20. Chicken Thukpa 7.95
21. Lamb Thukpa 8.95

Regional Cuisine of the Himalayas

22. Aloo Tama Bori 9.95
Potato, bamboo shoot & beans sauteed with "ajwain" and garlic. Cooked with different herbs and spices (Nepal, Sikkim, Darjeeling and Bhutan)

23. Bhutanese Datshi (Assorted Vegetables) 9.95
Sauteed with ginger and garlic. Cooked with yogurt and goat cheese (Bhutan)

24. Jasha Maroo (Chicken) 10.95
Traditional Bhutanese chicken dish cooked with ginger, garlic clove, and tomato sauce. Laid on top of brown rice (Bhutan)

25. Lamb Samdeh 11.95
A delicious stew of lamb cooked with onions, tomato and pepper, anise seeds cumin, coriander and turmeric along with a touch of soy and cilantro (Tibet)

Biryani Rice

26. Vegetable Biryani 10.95
27. Chicken Biryani 10.95
28. Lamb Biryani 11.25

Tikka Masala
Tandoor grilled boneless cubes of chicken breast or lamb or cheese, cooked in special ceremony sauce with herbs and spices 

29. Chicken Tikka Masala 11.95
30. Lamb Tikka Masala 12.95
31. Paneer Tikka Masala 11.95

Korma dishes cooked in mild coconut based creamy sauce with nuts, herbs and spices

32. Vegetable Korma 11.95
33. Chicken Korma 11.95
34. Lamb Korma 12.95
35. Shrimp Korma 12.95

Creamy Sauce Dishes

36. Buttered Mushroom Chicken 11.95
Overnight marinated premium chicken baked in Tandoor. Cooked in creamy butter sauce with mushrooms

37. Kerau Paneer 10.95
Green peas and homemade cheese cooked in creamy gravy of onion and tomatoes alongside herbs and spices

38. Palak Paneer 10.95
Minced spinach with homemade cheese cubes. Cooked in light creamy sauce with herbs and spices

Tandoor Dishes
Served "sizzling" with sauteed onions, cabbage, bellpepper, carrots, and spinach in a platter

39. Chicken Tandoori 13.95 
Chicken marinated in yogurt and spices, broiled in Tandoor oven

40. Chicken Tikka 14.95
Boneless chicken breast marinated with special herbs, spices yogurt. Baked in Tandoor oven

41. Shrimp Tandoori 15.95
Shrimp marinated in yogurt and spices, broiled in Tandoor oven

42. Assorted Tandoor 16.95
Mixed platter of Tandoori chicken, lamb kabab, shrimp tandoor, and chicken tikka marinated according to ancient tradition & grilled in Tandoor oven

Chicken Dishes 

43. Chili Chicken 9.95
Pan-fried chicken strips cooked with tomato sauce, green chili, onion, peppers & soy sauce

44. Kukhura Tarkari 9.95
Boneless chicken cooked in onion and tomato gravy

45. Kukhura Chiyau Tarkari 10.95
Boneless chicken cooked with fresh mushroom in Himalayan flavors sauce

46. Kukhura Saag 10.95
Boneless chicken cooked with fresh chopped spinach and curry sauce

Lamb Dishes 

47. Lamb Tarkari 10.95
Boneless lamb pieces cooked in Himalayan flavors special sauce herbs and spices

48. Bhera Saag 11.95
Boneless lamb pieces cooked with fresh spinach along with different herbs and spices

49. Lamb Mushroom 11.95
Boneless lamb pieces cooked with fresh mushroom along with house special sauce

Your choice of dish cooked with Vindaloo based (tomato, onion, lemon juice, and vinegar) sauce and potatoes

50. Chicken Vindaloo 10.95
51. Lamb Vindaloo 11.95
52. Shrimp Vindaloo 11.95
53. Fish Vindaloo (salmon) 11.95


54. Macha Ko Takari (fish curry) 10.95
Salmon fillets cooked with Himalayan flavors sauce, herbs and spices

55. Shrimp Spinach 11.95
Jumbo shrimps are cooked with tomatoes and onion based sauce; sauteed with fresh spinach, ginger, garlic and herbs

Breads & Naan
Paratha can be made vegan

56. Plain Naan 2.50

57. Flavored Naan 3.50
Garlic or rosemary or herbal

58. Phapar Ko Babar 3.50
Nepali style pancake made of buckwheat flour stuffed with onion, herbs and spice

59. Tandoori Roti 3.50
Whole wheat flour bread baked in clay oven

60. Jhumke Paratha 3.50
Whole wheat flour round in shape with multiple layers

61. Flavored Paratha 3.95
Cheese or potato or chili

Side Order

62. Brown Rice 2.25
Brown rice, one of the healthiest foods is rich in fiber and excellent source of the minerals selenium and magnesium. The oil in whole brown rice lowers cholesterol and good for cardiovascular health

63. Basmati Rice 2.25
"The fragrant one" in Sanskrit grown in the foothills of the Himalayas, good source of good source of thiamine, niacin and contains low fat

64. Raita 1.95

65. Mango Chutney 1.95


66. Plain Lassi (sweet or salt) 2.50
67. Mango Lassi 2.50
68. Soda 1.50
Coke or Diet Coke or Sprite
69. Nepali Chai (Tea) 1.95
70. Himalayan Butter Chai 1.95
71. Green Tea/Herbal/Black 1.95


72. Carrot Cake 3.50
73. Gulab Jamun 3.50
74. Mango Kulfi 3.50
75. Kheer (Rice Pudding) 3.50

Himalayan Flavors
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