Chopan Kabob House
Exotic Afghan Cuisine

9105 Bruceville Road., Elk Grove CA 95758 916-684-8711

Chopan Kabob House Sample Menu


Must-e-Khiar 4.99
Dip made with plain yogurt, diced cucumbers, dry mint, seasonal and served with bread

Fresh Baked Bread 1.75


Chopan Kabob House Special 12.99
Marinated lamb chops cooked over an open fire

Shami Kabob 10.99
Ground beef and mixed spices cooked over an open fire

Chicken Kabob 10.99
Cubes of chicken marinated and charbroiled to perfection

Tikka Kabob 10.99
Cubes of beef marinated and charbroiled to perfection

Chaplee Kabob 10.99
Ground beef patty mixed with seasoning cooked over an open fire


Qabuli 9.99
Basmatic brown rice cooked with chicken, topped with cooked carrots and sweet onions

Bolani 9.99
Pan fried turnovers filled with chives, mashed potatoes and spices served with chutney and yogurt

Fish Delight 10.99
Marinated and pan fried Tilapia served with basmatic rice

Mantoo 9.99
Dumplings stuffed with ground beef and onions, topped with mixed
vegetables, tomato sauce and yogurt

Borjani Banjan 5.99
Grilled eggplant topped with yogurt and dry mint

Mashawa / Soup 4.99
Lentils, beans, meatballs, spices and yogurt


Jala-Ice Cream 4.99
Crushed ice topped with rose flavord vanilla ice cream and pistachios

Baklava 1.50
Layers and layers of sweet honey, ground cardiman, walnuts seperated by a thin sheet of flour

Firnee 2.99
Constarch pudding served chilled and topped with pistachios

Jelabee 2.99
Afghan funnel cake fried to perfection

Chopan Kabob House Special
Chicken Kabob
Tikka Kabob
Chaplee Kabob
Borani Bonjan
Fish Delight
Shami Kabob
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