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Bleu Cafe, Carson City NV, 89706

This Restaurant Has CLOSED.

Our food is freshly made in house. We make our own ciabatta bread, hollandaise sauce, gravy, soups, and much more, from scratch. We do things the old-fashioned way to ensure you get the rich flavors you want and deserve. Our recipes are researched, crafted and perfected by the owner, Roberta. She has traveled the world gathering recipes and adding her own touches to bring you the best food available.
If you enjoy full-flavored comfort food you'll feel right at home at the Bleu Cafe!

Seasonal and Local

At Bleu Cafe we work hard to source our foods locally whenever possible. Our menu changes with the seasons to reflect the best of what is available. By taking advantage of the changes in the seasons, we can bring you the best and freshest food possible.

Family Owned Restaurant

Bleu Café is run by two sisters. Roberta runs the back of the house and Karey runs the front of the house. Both Roberta and Karey are long-time residents of the Carson City area. Both are also committed to the local community so you may see them or other Bleu Café folks at local events.

Bleu Cafe
240 Winne Lane
Carson City, NV 89706

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