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Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant, San Francisco CA

Located in San Francisco's historic Ferry Building, the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant & Wine Bar offers the most interesting and delicious wines from artisanal producers around the world. While striving to find these gems of the wine world we often can arrange exclusive access to our discoveries.

Our Wine Bar is the perfect place to explore the wine regions of the world and try new and amazing wines!

On any given day, you'll have the opportunity to chose from 15-20 different wines by the 2 oz. taste, the 5 oz. glass, (in some cases) the half bottle, and the full bottle. We think flights are both fun and educational, so we have those for you to consider as well.

In addition, anything from our shelves can be purchased and poured for retail plus a $6.00 corkage fee.

Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant
1 Sausalito #23 San Francisco Ferry Building
San Francisco, CA 94111

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