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La Madia- A Contemporary Pizzeria, Chicago IL - River North

La Madia was built 11 years ago when an Italian cook and his wife decided to create their own restaurant in Chicago. As an Italian couple, they both wanted to introduce Italy’s traditions and cuisine in their current hometown. Since they are both passionate about cooking, one who cooks for other people and the other one loves cooking for their family, planning everything for this business was not so hard. But since they both needed to put in a lot of effort and time for this restaurant, they designed it thoroughly and planned for handling it carefully. Years have passed when they finally realized and knew that they were ready to create this restaurant for real, they gave their best to create one that will be satisfying for others and will surely be an eye-catcher.

This restaurant became a success and they are more than glad that many people loved their dishes and drinks served. But of course, they don’t just plan to let other people know how Italian dishes are tasty and savory, they also intend to create good service for all the customers. Hearing great reviews and comments from their customers is the best thing they can receive. Up until now, they succeeded in providing both, the best-tasting menu and high-quality services that won’t let down the clients and customers.

Right now, La Madia Pizzeria is still working on giving satisfaction for all of you. Since they do intend to spread the Italian culture, cuisine, and traditions through their restaurant, they only hope that many people were able to know more about Italy through them. La Madia is very open for those who would love to try different cuisines and are interested in trying a Pizzeria. And more importantly, they are open to receive your thoughts and ideas about them.

There are a lot of restaurants out there that really satisfy our hunger and cravings. It has always been important to us to make sure we get what we want especially when it comes to food. Knowing that people love food so much, many restaurants were built and we don’t know whether it is a good thing or not because there are just so many choices. It’s good because we can choose whatever we want or whatever can satisfy us more. However, more restaurants mean more difficult choices. If only we could visit them all at once, we don’t have to worry anymore and just grab our cars from our respective garage doors in Chicago.

But let me tell you this, if you are looking for the best pizzeria in Chicago, one must visit La Madia. This urban restaurant showcases and upholds Italian traditions. They make sure that their ingredients are all fresh such as the pasta, dough, and everything! It is all made from scratch so they are really good at creating fresh ingredients for the customers. The menu is made to share with everyone, including the well-flavored pizzas, inventive salads, and the savory pasta dishes. Desserts are also well-made and will surely give you that delicious and incredible experience. Everything in their menu can be checked at the website’s menu section.

To add more great things, La Madia also serves the best-tasting wines that are loved by many people. With the bestseller pizzas and pasta that made them well-known and combined it with wines and cocktails, La Madia makes their customers savor their meals and dishes, and that is another reason why many people visit them. What’s better is that they also deliver these amazingly delicious drinks that are also loved by many.

It is good to visit those contemporary places that make us remember traditions and cultures of various locations. Whenever you feel like hanging out with your friends, or you’re in the mood for Italian cuisine, just go ahead and drop by! Besides, visiting this restaurant is perfect even when celebrating an occasion. As for the Italian tradition, you can never miss out on visiting La Madia which serves just the best-tasting dishes and provides the best drinks to make the customers’ experiences better. Sharing with family and friends will also make our visit to La Madia memorable. Don’t waste more time and quickly make a reservation to secure your tables and seats. Never miss out on the good things you can experience in La Madia.

Posted on March 13, 2018 by Jesse Palmer

Osteria La Madia - CLOSED
59 W. Grand Avenue
Chicago, IL 60610

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