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Blue Name Sushi & Sake House - Sample Menu


Agedashi Tofu $9.95
Deep fried tofu served with tempura sauce

Asteroids $11.95
Deep fried sweet tofu wrap stuffed with cream cheese and crab mix

BBQ Albacore $12.95+
Grilled Spicy Albacore

Calamari (IKA GESO) $13.95
Deep fried squid tentacles

Chicken Bomb $12.95
Deep fried soy teriyaki chicken with sweet & chili pepper

Chicken Karaage $12.95
Juicy marinated chicken coated in a crisp shell

Edamame $8.95
Soy beans

Edamame Garlic $9.95
Garlic soy beans

Edamame Spicy $9.95
Spicy soy beans

Fire Cracker (6pcs) $13.95
Deep fried jalapeno stuffed with spicy crab mix (6PCS)

Goro Goro $15.95
Spicy Scallop sauteed with chili sauce, cilantro, garlic, and asparagus

Gyoza (6pcs) $9.95+

Hamachi – Kama $14.95
Grilled yellowtail collar meat

Hire Fin $18.95

Sashimi (7pcs) $18.95+
single 7pc, once choice of ahi tuna, salmon or yellowtail

Sashimi Mix Combo (9pcs) $21.95
Assortment of ahi tuna, salmon & yellowtail

Sea Steak $18.95+
Seared ahi tuna garnished with thinly sliced jalapeno

Softshell Crab $15.95
Deep fried soft shell crab

Stuffed Mushroom (6pcs) $12.95
Deep fried shiitake stuffed with cram mix (6 PCS)

Tempura App
vegetable, shrimp, or mixed shrimp and vegetable fried in crispy batter

Tori Blow $13.95
Sweet and Spicy deep fried garlic chicken


House Salad $9.95
Served with house dressing

Seaweed Salad $9.95
Sesame flavored seasoned seaweed

Hokipoki Salad $17.95
Spicy assortment of Ahi tuna, cilantro, cucumber, and onion

Cucumber Sunomono $7.95
Cucumber slices with sweet vinaigrette sauce

Seafood Sunomono $17.95
Cucumber sunomono with assortment of shrimp, octupus, and scallop


Rice $3.95+

Miso Soup $3.95+


Blue Poki $26.95
Fresh blend of chopped ahi tuna, apple, avocado, pineapple, and cucumber served with a side of sauteed shrimp and shiitake mushroom. Garnished with finely peeled swwet potato.

Hanabi $26.95
Jumbo Scallop and shrimp with shiitake mushroom and asparagus sauteed in garlic olive oil. Served with soft shell creb topped with quinoa.


Black Widow $24.95
Spicy crab, cucumber, cilantro, and soft shell creb. Topped with avocado, yellowtail, kani kama, deep fried jalapeno and black tobiko.

Blue Nami $26.95
Soft shell crab, spicy crab mix, cream cheese and asparagus. Topped with Avocado, unagi, and garlic sauteed scallops garnished with sauteed chives and quinoa

Popcorn Lobster $24.95
Tuna, ebi, crab mix toppes with avocado, deep fried crawfish, tobiko and our unique house made sauces. Visually, texturally and tastefully appealing

Señorita $24.95

PongDang $24.95
Tempura shrimp, lemon, cilantro, cream cheese inside crab mix wrap topped with spicy garlic salmon garnished with finely shredded dried red pepper

Scorpion $26.95
Baked soy wrapped roll, stuffed with a rich and spicy mix of avocado, scallop, mozzarella cheese, steamed shrimp and bacon. Topped with avocado and thin slices of BBQ Pepper glazed beef. Served on a flaming platter.

Shrek $26.95

X-File $24.95
Spicy tuna, cilantro, celery, ebi, topped with avocado, sea steak, scallop, jalapeno, and masago garnished with finely shredded dried red pepper. Served on a flaming platter

Yellow Stone $24.95


Sushi Combo A $23.95
9pcs Chef's Choice Nigiri served with salad

Sushi Combo B $24.95
5pcs nigiri & Any roll from the BN House roll list served with salad

Sushi Combo C $31.95
5pcs nigiri, 4pc sashimi & any roll from the BN House roll list served with salad

Sushi & Sashimi Mix $31.95
5pc nigiri & 9pc Mixed sashimi


Sake Don $25.95
fresh sliced of salmon over sushi rice served with salad

Tekka Don $25.95
fresh sliced of tuna over sushi rice served with salad

Unagi Don $29.95
broiled eel over sushi rice served with salad

Special Chirashi $29.95
an assortment of raw fish over sushi rice served with salad


Combination Sashimi (14pcs) $32.95
served with rice and salad

Tuna Sashimi (10pcs) $27.95
served with rice and salad

Salmon Sashimi (10pcs) $27.95
served with rice and salad

Yellowtail Sashimi (10pcs) $27.95
served with rice and salad

Omakase $95.00
Chef's special sushi & Sashimi platter with 2 serving of salad and 1 edamame

Sushi Boat $165.00
Combination of Chef's choice of rolls, nigiri and sashimi, served with 4 salad and 2 edamame


Ah O Combo A $24.95
Choice of BN House roll & Fire Cracker (6pc) served with salad

Ah O Combo B $24.95
Choice of BN Hose roll & stuffed Mushroom (6pc) served with salad

Ah O Combo C $24.95
Choice of BN House Roll & BBQ Albacore (6pc) served with salad


Avalanche $14.95
IN: Tuna, crab & avocado TOP: kaiware & orange

Ice Nine $14.95
IN: Yellowtail & scallops TOP: smoked salmon, crispy fried garlic & tobiko

Spice of Life $14.95
IN: Sea steak, scallops & spicy tuna TOP: cilantro & black Tobiko


Ebi Nigiri $6.95

Hamachi Nigiri $9.95

Hirame Nigiri $9.50

Hokigai Nigiri $6.95
Surf clam

Hotate Nigiri $7.50

Ika Nigiri $7.95

Ikura Nigiri $7.95
Salmon roe

Inari Nigiri $6.50
Rice in sweet tofu wrap

Kanpachi Nigiri $9.95

Kani Nigiri $10.95
Snow crab legs

Maguro Nigiri $8.95

Masago Nigiri $7.95
Smelt fish roe

Saba Nigiri $7.95

Sake Nigiri $8.95
Fresh salmon

Shiro Maguro Nigiri $8.95
White tuna

Smoked Sake Nigiri $9.95
Smoked salmon

Suzuki Nigiri $9.95
Striped bass

Tako Nigiri $8.95

Tamago Nigiri $6.95
Egg omelette

Tobiko Nigiri $7.95
Flying fish roe


AAA $10.50
Asaparagus, avocado, apple

Avocu $9.50
Avocado, cucumber

Burning $14.50
Avocado, cucumber, shiitake, cilantro, sesame seed

Guido $13.50
Avocado, cream cheese, pan fried garlic, basil, sesame seed

Hiri Hiri $13.50
Deep fried yam, celery, olive, cilantro

Kappa $6.95

Kira Kira $12.95
Avocado, tomato, celery, cream cheese

Mango Maki $6.95

Oshinko $6.95
Japanese pickled radish

Ringo Maki $6.95

Tropical $14.50
[Asparagus, cream cheese, tomato] avocado, orange, lemon, mango

Waku Waku $16.50
[Avocado, oshinko, deep fried yam, deep fried onion cucumber, jalapeno, sesame oil]

Yavo $11.50
Deep friend yam, avocado


California HR $7.95
Crab, avocado

Crispy Salmon Skin HR $9.95
Crispy salmon skin, avocado, yamagobo, cucumber, masago

Eel HR $10.95
Eel, avocado, cucumber

Shrimp Tempura HR $8.95
Shrimp tempura, avocado and cucumber

Spicy Scallop HR $11.95

Spicy Tuna HR $9.95
Spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber

Spicy Yellowtail HR $9.95

Zigzag Crab HR $10.95
Chopped soft shell crab, crab mix, avocado, masago, soy wrap

Zigzag Shrimp HR $10.95
Chopped shrimp termpura, crab mix, avocado, masago, soy wrap


007 $13.50
[DF Shrimp, Spicy Crab, Cucumber] Spicy Tuna, albacore [torched]

AAA Spicy $11.50
[DF Shrimp, Crab Mix] Avocado, sliced tempura jalapeno

Alaskan $9.50
[Salmon, Avocado]

American Dream $10.50
[Bacon, Avocado, Cream Cheese]

Angel $12.50
[DF Shrimp, Avocado, Cucumber] Albacore, Masago [torched]

BMW $13.50
[Tuna, crab mix, cucumber, basil] albacore, ebi, masago

Boyfriend $15.50
[DF Shrimp, crab mix, eel, cucumber] avocado, ebi, scallop

California $8.50
[Crab mix, avocado]

Catch Me $16.50
[Soft shell crab, spicy crab, asparagus] avocado, tuna, masago

Chef's Roll $13.50
[DF Shrimp, Crab mix] avocado, eel m masago

Crazy Boke $11.50
DF Roll [spicy crab, cream cheese, jalapeno] masago, jalapeno masago

Crazy Fly $13.50
[DF Shrimp, crab mix, lemon, cilantro] spicy tuna, jalapeno masago

Dorobo $13.50
[DF Shrimp, spicy crab, cream cheese, cucumber] avocado, pineapple, cheesy crumbles

Flying Tiger $10.50
[DF Shrimp, Crab mix, Cilantro] avocado, lemon

Girlfriend $16.50
[DF Shrimp, Spicy Crab, cilantro] avocado, eel, sea steak, cheesy crumbles

Godzilla $10.50
DF Roll [salmon, crab mix, asparagus] cheese sauce, masago [torched]

Gozuki $10.50
DF Roll [spicy tuna, cream cheese, asparagus]

Hold It $14.95
DF Rice Ball [crab mix, sesame chicken]

Honey Dew $9.50
[DF Shrimp], Avocado, Mango

Irashai $9.50
[DF Shrimp], Avocado

Jack #2 $10.50
[DF Shrimp, crab mix] avocado, masago

Jack Special $11.50
[DF Shrimp, crab mix, spicy tuna] avocado, masago

Jaguar $13.50

James Bomb $14.50
[DF Shrimp, albacore, cream cheese] eel, ebi, masago

Jason $13.50
[Spicy Crab, Avocado] sea steak, yellowtail, masago

JR 7 $15.50
[spicy tuna, cilantro, DF shrimp] avocado, yellowtail, DF onion, masago

Kawai $12.50
[DF Shrimp, crab mix] avocado, tuna, and pineapple

Lady Bug $13.50
[salmon, crab mix, asparagus] tuna, black masago

Lighthouse $14.50
[DF shrimp, spicy tuna, lemon, basil] avocado, scallop, albacore torched

Mercedes $15.50
[Smoked salmon, crab mix, basil] avocado, sea steak, scallop

Michael $11.50
[Spicy tuna, crab mix, cucumber] tuna, masago

Micky $13.50
[DF shrimp, crab mix, lemon, basil] avocado, salmon

NBA $10.50
DF Roll [spicy crab mix, albacore] masago

Negi Hama 10.95
[yellowtail, green onion]

Oh, Yes 12.50
DF Roll [tuna, salmon, albacore, avocado]

OOPS $12.50
[Spicy tuna, DF shrimp, avocado. cream cheese] masago

Orangevale $12.50
[Eel, crab mix, cucumber] avocado, ebi, masago

Philadelphia $10.50
[Smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado]

R Best $12.50
[DF Shrimp, crab mix] Tuna, masago

Rainbow $15.50
[Crab mix, avocado] tuna, salmon, hamachi, ebi

Red & White $12.25
[Tuna, albacore, asparagus] avocado, lemon, masago

Rolls Royce $11.50
[Salmon, crab mix. ginger, basil] avocado, pineapple, jalapeno masago

Salmon De Paris $11.50
[Smoked salmon, cream cheese, basil] avocado, lemon, cheesy crumbles

Sayonara $14.50
[Spicy tuna, crab mix, ebi, cilantro] avocado, tuna, salmon, sliced tempura jalapeno

Sexy French $14.50
[Crab mix, smoked salmon, spicy tuna, ebi, cream cheese] cucumber wrap

Shooting Star $14.50
[Spicy scallop, crab mix, cucumber] sea steak, smoked salmon

Snow White $12.50
[Spicy crab, spicy tuna, cucumber, cilantro] avocado, ebi

Spicy Tuna $9.50
[Spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber]

Spider $13.50
[Soft shell crab, crab mix, avocado, cucumber] masago

Stardust $13.50
[DF shrimp, spicy tuna] avocado, yellowtail, sea steak

Stardust #2 $14.50
[DF shrimp, spicy crab] avocado, sea steak, yellowtail, cheesy crumbles

Super Lion King $12.50
[crab mix, avocado] salmon / special cheese sauce [baked], cheesy crumbles

Tekka $9.50

Thunder $13.50
[DF shrimp, spicy tuna] avocado and scallop

UFO $14.50
[DF shrimp, crab mix, spicy tuna] salmon, tuna, avocado, cheesy crumbles

Volcano $11.50
[Chopped yellowtail, spicy crab mix, cilantro, cucumber] jalapeno masago and masago

Wildfire $15.50
[DF shrimp, crab mix, spicy tuna] avocado, eel, sea steak, cheesy crumbles

Yellow Belly $10.50
[Sesame chicken, cream cheese]

Yummy Yummy $11.50
[DF shrimp, crab mix, avocado, cream cheese] masago


Mochi Ice Cream $7.95

Green Tea Ice Cream $7.95

Fuji Mountain $9.95


No G/W

No Ginger

No Wasabi

XT Garlic Edamame Sauce $3.00

XT Spicy Edamame Sauce $3.00

XT Ginger $0.95

XT Salad Dressing $0.95

XT Soy Sauce $0.95

XT Unagi Sauce $0.95

XT Wasabi $0.95

XT White Sauce $0.95


Nezuko $11.50
[Tuna, hamachi, asparagus] avocado / no sauce

Luffy $10.50
[Salmon, avocado] tuna / no sauce

Mikasa $9.50
Smoked salmon, lemon, avocado / no sauce

Eren $9.50
Fresh basil, ebi avocado, lemon / no sauce

Zoro $12.50
Cucumber, avocado, real crab / no sauce

Goku $13.50
Hamachi, fresh jalapeno, tuna] salmon with torched on top / no sauce


Pepsi $3.95
Diet Pepsi $3.95
Sierra Mist $3.95
Dr. Pepper $3.95
Arnold Palmer $3.95
Shirley Temple $3.95
Pink Lemonade $3.95
Crush Orange $3.95
Raspberry Iced Tea $3.95
Iced Tea $4.50
Apple Juice $4.95
Orange Juice $4.95
Hot Tea $3.95
Ramune $4.95
Red Bull $4.50
Peach Ice Tea $3.95

***All menu items & prices are subject to change with out notice.
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