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Yank Sing - Sample Menu

Shanghai Dumpling - A Yank Sing signature dish of minced Kurobuta Pork, scallion and ginger wrapped and steamed in its own aromatic broth.

Snow Pea Shoot Dumplings (Dau Miu Gow) - Translucent bonnets stuffed with a filling of chopped snow pea tendrils, straw mushrooms and a hint of ginger, garlic and sesame oil.

Mandarin Dumplings with Chives - A fresh herb filling of hand-chopped, chives, cilantro, and shrimp stuffed in translucent 'three-cornered-hat' dumplings.

Chicken Fun Gwor - Steamed translucent crescent dumplings filled with a tasty wok-cooked hand-chopped chicken, shiitake mushroom, winter bamboo shoots, and cilantro-flavored stuffing.

Stuffed Lotus Leaf - Steamed lotus leaf parcel filled with glutinous (sticky) rice, lumps of lop cheung (Chinese sausage ), shiitake mushrooms, chicken cubes, and sun-dried shrimp.

Savory Vegetable Dumpling - Frizzled-topped pouch stuffed with a savory mild-curried vegetarian filling of rare Sichuan bamboo mushroom, cabbage, bamboo shoots, carrots, sun-dried bean curd sticks and gingko nuts.

Shrimp Dumpling (Ha Gau) - Hand-chopped shrimp embedded with crunchy bits of sweet winter bamboo shoot tips and fashioned into a bonnet.

Pork Siu Mye - Hand-chopped shrimp with pork, shiitake mushrooms filling hand-wrapped in fresh pasta skin and hand-formed into a fluted 'basket.'

Goldfish Dumpling - Crunchy shrimp, winter bamboo shoot tips, and cilantro stuffed in a hand- wrapped translucent goldfish-shaped dumpling.

Spring Roll Crisp - Cantonese spring rolls filled with a wok-cooked mixture of hand-cut julienned chicken, minced black mushrooms, cabbage, winter bamboo shoot tips and scallions.

Phoenix Shrimp - classic whole plump shrimp, with a shrimp mousse croquette encasing, lightly battered and deep-fried until golden brown; served with a sweet and sour dipping sauce.

Scallion Prawn - a crispy plump prawn skewered on a scallion stalk with sweet potato and tied with a strip of lean bacon.

Peking Duck - A Yank Sing Signature dish, house-roasted Peking Duck served as a deem sum appetizer, Crispy paper thin honey-coated skin and tender slices of succulent meat stuffed in a steamed seashell bun, accompanied with finely slivered scallions and smears of tangy hoisin sauce.

Steamed Pork Buns - Warm fluffy bread buns stuffed with nuggets of honey-glazed BBQ pork.

Potsticker (Wor Tee) - Northern style dumplings filled with a succulent finely minced pork, cabbage, scallions, ginger, and toasted sesame oil stuffing, steamed in a wok, then shallow- pan-fried, and served with vinegar, soy sauce and Yank Sing Chili Pepper Sauce.

Stuffed Crab Claws - Light and fluffy crab and shrimp mousse croquette encasing a whole snow crab claw, deep-fried until golden brown.

Yank Sing Fried Won Ton - Yank Sing signature crispy won ton stuffed with a mild curry shrimp and cream cheese filling accompanied with sweet and tangy dipping sauce.

Egg Custard Tart - Warm oven-baked velvety smooth and sweet egg custard in flaky pastry tart shell.

Mango Pudding - Fragrant and light creamy gelatin of golden ripe mango, served chilled.

Sesame Ball - Light sticky rice-flour balls stuffed with sweet yellow bean puree, rolled in sesame seeds deep-fried until golden brown and crusty.

***All menu items and prices are subject to change without notice.
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Yank Sing
101 Spear Street
San Francisco, CA 94501

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